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We offer a wide variety of laboratory fume hoods for Utah that are ready to ship. Each kind of fume hood provides special features to fit several needs. We have fume hoods that exhaust though a duct, exhausts though filters, and eliminate fumes in different airflow solutions. Many of the fumes meet specific requirements of various companies in Utah whether is it a chemical, powder, pharmaceutical, or other. Call our experts in Utah for detailed information on each.

Bench Top Fume Hoods

Probably the most common laboratory fume hoods in Utah. It captures fumes though the baffle, or vents, and exhausts though the duct at the top. Comes in many different sizes to fit most cabinetry and rests on top. It is lined with poly glass chemical resistant coating in case of spills. The tempered glass provides a full view inside.

Ductless Fume Hoods

Ductless laboratory fume hoods provide a specific need that it does not require a duct to exhaust fume out of the laboratory.  Instead, it uses HEPA and Nanocarb activated carbon filters to eliminate hazardous fumes. An energy efficient system that directs the airflow thought the fans and are permanently lubricated. It is simple to use and the filters are easy to replace.

Exhaust Snorkels

Exhaust snorkel are unique in that it’s a laboratory extractor arms for duct and fumes that hovers over worksurfaces to suck out fumes. The extendable arm can be mounted to the wall or the ceiling. Three options are available for aggressive chemicals, static electricity, or corrosion resistance.  Snorkels are more suitable if you want to move it directly above the substance or require a little more mobility.

Laminar Flow Powder Hoods

“Laminar” meaning “single direction”; this fume hood creates a single direction of airflow to eliminate powder hazardous fumes and it has a built-in filter system. Features a clear acrylic wall for a full view of the interior, front and side to side. Because of its laminar flow, it is considered one of the most efficient ways to eliminate fumes. It fits most bench top designs that rest on cabinetry.

Powder Weighing Laboratory Fume Hood

As you may have guessed, this fume hood is for powder weighing but also eliminates hazardous fumes. Potent pharmaceutical substances are often used by this fume hood. It has a very sensitive weight balance system that minimizes air drafts and vibrations. Comes with a HEPA-filter that removes literally all particle matter.

Walk-In Laboratory Fume Hoods

Likely the second most common laboratory fume hood in Utah. It is much like the standard bench top fume hood but goes from the floor to the ceiling. It eliminates fumes though the vents and into the connected duct above. It is designed for larger equipment or if two levels are preferred. Features a clear tempered glass for added visibility. Offers a low maintenance value and lifetime chain driven sash mechanism warranty.

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