Fume Hood Accessories

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Fittings & Cold Water Fittings for Fume Hoods

These WaterSaver brand remote-control fittings consist of a brass angle valve with a replaceable seat, an epoxy coated brass nylon color-coded panel flange with angle serrated hose connector, a remote-control rod assembly with a plastic flange and a tank nipple, locknut and washer. Fittings may be used on either side of hood. Fume hood accessories shipped loose and installed in field.

Fume Hood Accessories Fittings & Cold Water Fittings

Fume Hood Alarm

Each INSTOCK fume hood accessories are fully pre-punched, for the fast and easy installation of this alarm.

The TEL AFA-1000 provides a digital readout of the fume hood face velocity and sounds an alarm when the airflow falls below safe levels. Consisting of a thermostat sensor (mounted through the side wall of the fume hood) and a monitor (mounted on the fascia), the unit gives both a visual and audible alarm. A glowing green light signals when conditions are safe. The monitor also contains a test/reset button allowing the user to verify alarm readiness. The TEL AFA-1000 operates on a 9V DC circuit and comes complete with an adapter that is plugged into a pre-wired 120 VAC receptacle on the roof of the hood.

External Vacuum Breaker

Used for laboratory fume hoods valves, it will provide a seal and prevent spillage of polluted water.

Fume Hood Accessories External Vacuum Breaker

Fan Blower Switch

Manual fan motor starter switch, toggle style, single pole, with red pilot light, stainless steel cover plate, 1 thermal unit, for 1 HP maximum motor size

Fume Hood Accessories Fan Blower Switch

Bench Fume Hood Work Tops

These modified black epoxy resin work tops are dished to retain spills. They are available with or without a drop-in cup sink hole.

Fume Hood Accessories Bench Fume Hood Work Tops

Adjustable Height Fume Hood Ceiling Enclosure

These three-sided ceiling enclosures are designed to fill the space between the top of the hood and the ceiling up to 24” (61 cm) in height to provide a clean finished appearance. The enclosure is cut to fit in the field and includes a slip to fit ceiling finish trim angle.

Gravity Sash Stop

As a safety or energy conservation measure, a sash stop may be added to any of our hoods. It may be mounted at any distance above the lower deflector vane to keep the sash from rising past that point. When needed, the stop may be pivoted out of the way.

Fume Hood Accessories: Gravity Sash Stop

Fume Hood Auto Sash Controller

Fume hood auto sash controller can be retrofitted to any fume hood and control system to maximize energy savings and provide increased safety for the operator. It will close the sash automatically when the operator is not present.

A passive infrared sensor (PIR) constantly monitors the work area in front of the fume hood. If a person is not detected and the sash opening is clear, the sash will automatically close after a predetermined time. 

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