Biological Safety Cabinet Fume Hood

Biological safety cabinet fume hood in stock ready to ship. Fitted with air flow sensors, raised arm rest, drain pan, and more.

Biological Safety Cabinet Fume Hood

The Most Certified Energy-Efficient, Safe, and Ergonomic Biosafety Cabinet in the World

  • Powered by latest generation ECM motor MADE IN USA, that is more efficient than legacy ECM and VFD motors
  • 70% Energy savings compared to AC motor
  • Stable airflow, despite building voltage fluctuations & filter loading
  • Night Setback mode to further reduce power consumption by 60%

ULPA Filter

  • 10x Filtration efficiency of HEPA filter
  • Creates ISO Class 3 work zone instead of industry-standard ISO Class 5

Class II Type A2 can be used to handle minute quantities of volatile toxic chemicals and trace amounts of radionucleotides when thimble ducted. Use this option if chemical vapor re-circulation into the work zone is permitted.

Class II Type B2 can be used to handle volatile toxic chemicals and radionucleotides because by default it’s hard ducted. Use this option if chemical vapor re-circulation into the work zone is not permitted.

Biological safety Cabinet fume hood

Biological Safety Cabinet Fume Hood
Microprocessor Controller

  • Easy to understand and set up
  • Displays all safety information on one screen
  • Centered and angled down for easy reach and viewing
  • Selectable Quickstart mode for fast operation

Air Flow Sensor

  • Monitors real-time airflow for safety
  • Alerts the user if airflow is insufficient

Single-Piece Work Tray

  • Recessed to contain spillage
  • Curved grill to prevent blockage

Raised Arm Rest

  • Helps prevent grill blocking
  • Comfortable working posture

Biological Safety Cabinets Fume Hoods

Angled Drain Pan

  • Easy to clean
  • Does not harbor contaminants

Single-Piece Wall and Pan Construction

  • Easy to clean
  • Does not harbor contaminants

RS 232 and Zero Volt Relay Contact Interface

LabCulture Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet Fume Hood

The Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinet is the most common Class II cabinet. It is also the most common safety cabinet of all the different types available. It has a common plenum from which 30% of air is exhausted and 70% is recirculated to the work area as the downflow.

Per the newly released NSF/ANSI 47:2010 standards, Class II Type A2 BSCs must have the positively pressurized contaminated plenum to be surrounded by a zone of negative pressurization. This is in case there is a leakage on the positive plenum. The leaking aerosol will be pulled by the negative pressure back into the positive plenum, to insure capture and containment. In the A2 cabinet, about 70% of air from the positive plenum is recirculated as downflow and the remaining 30% is discharged to the lab through the exhaust filter.

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Labculture Class II Type B2 Biological Safety Cabinet Fume Hood

The main difference between Type A2 and Type B2 cabinet is that Type B2 cabinets must be operated with an external blower which exhausts air to the external environment via a dedicated ductwork system. This cabinet is not self-balancing. Its own blower can only create down flow and the cabinet relies on an external blower to create flow in the discharge stream.

In the Class II Type B2 cabinet all inflow and downflow air is exhausted after HEPA filtration to the external environment without recirculation within the cabinet. Type B2 cabinets are suitable for work with toxic chemicals employed as an adjunct to microbiological processes. Under all circumstances since no recirculation occurs. In theory, Type B2 cabinets may be considered the safest of all Class II biological safety cabinets since the total exhaust feature acts as a fail-safe in the event that the down flow and/or exhaust HEPA filtration systems cease to function normally. However, Class II Type B2 cabinets are, in practice, more difficult to install, balance and maintain.

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