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Bench Top Fume Hoods

Fume Hoods In Stock

We maintain a $4 Million inventory of fume hoods in stock ready to ship. Choose from a wide variety and the brands you love. No need to wait for months and months to get your fume hoods and casework; we have what you need, ready to ship. We provide a simple solution to replace broken equipment and add renovations.

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Our highly trained staff is ready to help! We can design, measure and draw out your space. Trust us to get it done right the first time.

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Metro Shelving, ICI Scientific Laboratory Furnishings, CornerStone, TEL, Nederman, ESCO, Flow Sciences, NanoSafe, WaterSaver, BIOFit.

Eliminates fumes from the front, back, and sides to create a ISO class 3 work zone

A common fume hood that rests on benches, tabletops, or counter tops

Designed for biological studies and laboratories

Uses fans to suck fumes and dust into Nanocarb activated carbon filters, therefore ductless

Swiveling arm extensions to eliminate static electricity and aggressive chemical fumes

Eliminates fumes by providing a single direction of air flow across the work surface

Operations involving weighing and mixing of hazardous or nuisance powders

Bigger fume hoods from the ground up for tall or larger equipment

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