Hanging Fume Hood for Ceilings and Walls

Hanging fume hood provides safe and clean working environments from chemicals and fumes. The arms are made of anodized aluminum tubing with polypropylene joints, offering strength and durability combined with light and easy handling. They are especially suitable for applications where small, flexible and easy-to-use hanging arms are required to eliminate smoke, gases, dust and particles.

For example, when soldering and gluing or handling solvents and noxious substances. Hanging fume hood arms are designed to provide many years of trouble-free operation.

A new generation of Hanging Fume Hood for Ceilings and Walls extraction arms with unbeatable flexibility

Hanging Fume Hood for Ceilings and Walls

Hanging fume hood for ceilings and walls offer a perfect solution for numerous types of workplaces. These can be found, for example:

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • Electronics assembly factories
  • Research laboratories
  • School chemistry laboratories and technical workshops

For quick installation there is a range of self-assembly kits, complete with fans and filters. For more advanced applications we can provide customized solutions to meet specific requirements.

Hanging Fume Hood for Ceilings and Walls

Ceiling, Wall, Floor or Bench Mounting

The multi-purpose mounting bracket allows complete freedom when planning installation points for the arms. They can be mounted on ceilings, walls and floors or fixed to tabletops.

Unique Maneuverability

The two outermost joints in the arm can rotate and swivel through 360°. This provides unique directional flexibility and makes it possible to position the hood exactly where required. Once positioned, the hood can be locked in place using two friction devices in the arm joints.

Designed for Optimal Efficiency and Low Noise

Computerized simulations were used in the development of this new series of extractors to create arms with optimal airflow and dust conveying characteristics. The improved airflow results in smaller, more efficient fans. Another benefit is the reduced noise level. Depending on the airflow, this means a reduction of about 5dB, or more, when compared with similar arms on the market.

Hanging fume hood for ceilings and wall arms can be used in every type of environment, ranging from assembly stations, where solder fumes are extracted, to laboratories, where protection against highly corrosive or noxious gases is vital.

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Hanging Fume Hood for Ceilings and Walls

Universal Mini Hood

Hanging fume hood arms are supplied with a mini hood as standard – no extra extraction nozzle is required. The mini hood is also a universal interface for connecting to other hoods. A metal hood, a transparent combi hood or a dome hood can be attached directly to the mini hood, regardless of arm size.

The optional combi hood can be used both as a dome and a screen hood. It has excellent screening properties, is fully transparent and does not cause optical distortions. The hood can be easily angled to suit any extraction situation.

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