Small Fume Hoods in Salt Lake City, UT

These small fume hoods in Salt Lake City, UT fits most laboratory needs to exhaust fumes. It is considered the standard for most laboratory industries such as: chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, education, and more. There are countless ways to integrate small fume hoods to either existing or new cabinetry and casework.

Small Fume Hood in Salt Lake City, UT Bench Top Fume Hoods

Small Fume Hoods in Stock Ready to Ship

We have access to a $4 million inventory of small fumes hoods in stock, ready to ship to Salt Lake City, UT. Since our fume hoods are in stock, it makes replacements or upgrades faster and easier.

Small Hoods Fit Most Cabinetry

There are countless ways to integrate small fume hoods to either existing or new cabinetry and casework. Cabinetry can be purchased with chemical resistant lining, flammable resistant, and labeled as such.  Since it rests on a surface, it can fit most existing casework. Stylish and sleek options are available such as color, wood, and metal.

Small Bench Top Fume Hoods Features:

  • Two pre-wired 120V 20amp GFCI duplex receptacles
  • One pre-wired 20amp light switch
  • Pre-wired vapor tight T8 fluorescent light fixture
  • Each hood side post and interior are punched and plugged to receive 5 service fixtures
  • Upper left side post is punched for optional fan switch
  • One pre-wired outlet on roof of hood for an optional alarm
  • Upper right-side post is punched for optional alarm

Small Ductless Fume Hoods

Small ductless fume hoods are a must for every laboratory involving hazardous chemical fumes and dust. Furthermore, they are made with high quality parts so, you can assure the safety of your facility and staff.

Ready to Ship

Ductless fume hoods have fans to suck fumes into HEPA and carbon filters to provide a safe and effective solution to hazardous fumes for laboratories. Need it now? We have ductless fume hoods in stock ready to ship therefore, your laboratory avoids downtime and you get it much sooner rather than months.

Clear Windows Inside

Features a clear acrylic wall for a full view of the interior, front and side to side. Because of its laminar flow, it is considered one of the most efficient ways to eliminate fumes. It fits most bench top designs that rest on cabinetry.

Chemical Resistant

Each kind of fume hood provides special features to fit most chemical fume needs. We have fume hoods that are chemical resistant, acid resistant, and for most common chemicals. Many of the chemical fume hoods meet specific requirements of various companies in Salt Lake City, UT whether it is a chemical, powder, pharmaceutical, or other. Call our experts in Salt Lake City, UT for detailed information on each.

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