Medical Fume Hoods

Medical Fume Hoods

Medical fume hoods are designed as ventilation systems to shield the user from toxic fumes. The hood will prevent harmful fumes such as vapors, dust, mists, and contaminants from being released into the medical lab. Not only does it protect against medical fumes, it also provides a physical blockade from substances and their reactions.

Medical Fume Hood Applications:

  • Hospitals
  • Clean Rooms
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Bio-Hazardous

Medical Bench Top Fume Hoods

Medical bench top fume hood combines the newest innovations and our furnishing can be purchased with flammable resistant and chemical resistant lining.

It’s safe and produces a higher operating laboratory without the need for additional components.

Medical Fume Hoods for Cannabis Oil

There is growing need for fume hoods for cannabis oil. A chemist makes cannabis oil by extracting it from the marijuana plant. The fume hood will protect the user from the effects caused by the drug by pulling the fumes into the vent of the hood.

Walk-in Medical Fume Hoods

Walk-in medical fume hoods are bigger than the standard; it goes from the floor to the ceiling and it houses much larger equipment. Features clear tampered glass to view reactions inside.

These units are typically used with tall equipment setups where maximum clarity of vision is an importance. When floor mounted, the walk-in’s top fascia aligns with a typical bench hood thus providing a sleek look to any design utilizing both types of hood.

Pharmaceutical Powder Fume Hoods

Create a single airflow across the work surface, reducing vortexes and turbulence in order to ensure reproducible, accuracy and pharmaceutical powder. It is chemically resistant, with phenolic base (like resin) to maintain spills and protect the work surface from harmful chemicals. The exhaust system can recirculate air into the lab or send it directly to the house exhaust without transferring vibration from the fan unit to the work surface. 

More Fume Hoods In Stock:

Swiveling arm extensions to eliminate static electricity and aggressive chemical fumes

Eliminates fumes from front, back and sides to create a ISO class 3 work zone

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