Variable Air Volume Fume Hood Controller

Variable Air Volume Fume Hood Controller

TEL’s Fume Hood Controller is a pioneering VAV airflow controller, monitor and alarm system developed to ensure the safety of users and provide energy efficient fume hood operation. The Fume Hood Controller can directly provide controlled outputs for VFD fan speed control or be supplied with a relay interface unit and actuator for damper/valve control. Boasting a simple, yet intuitive, user interface that has been optimized for user experience, the Fume Hood Controller is easy to navigate and features a simple two-step calibration process with on-screen prompts to guide end users. The Fume Hood Controller has built-in comms and can be used with either Modbus or BACnet protocol. Featuring an innovative temperature compensated hot wire sensor, the Fume Hood Controller has no inherent drift, meaning that the sensor will provide stable readings over many years of operation ensuring reliability and safety.

Features Include:

  • LCD display for continuous velocity reading in m/sec or fpm
  • Programmable push buttons: i.e. FAN on/ off, purge, etc.
  • BACnet and Modbus on board
  • Velocity bar graph or fault time line over the last 60 minutes.
  • Audible alarm with Red, Amber & Green LEDs
  • Push button for night setback
  • Direct Volumetric measurement
  • Energy cost reduction of up to 85%
  • Password protected
  • Zone presence sensor supports
  • Sash position sensor supports
  • 3 Relay inputs and 3 Relay outputs
Variable Air Volume Fume Hood Controller Chart Specs

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