Movable Fume Hoods

Ductless Fume Hoods

Ductless fume hoods provide a specific need that it does not require a duct to exhaust fume out of the laboratory, thus it is movable. Instead, it uses HEPA and Nanocarb activated carbon filters to eliminate hazardous fumes. An energy efficient system that directs the airflow thought the fans and are permanently lubricated. It is simple to use and the filters are easy to replace.

Movable fume hoods do not require a duct to exhaust fume out of the laboratory. It uses activated carbon filters to eliminate hazardous fumes.

Laminar Flow Powder Hoods

Laminar flow powder hoods provide a single direction of air flow though the hood. As oppose to turbulent flow that doesn’t have an orderly flow. Laminar flow powder hoods provide a faster and more efficient elimination of powder hazardous fumes

Fumes are captured into filters so it can be moved.

Powder Weighing Fume Hood

The powder weighing fume hood for weighing, mixing and protects the operator from exposure to hazardous powders or potent pharmaceutical compounds. It is HEPA-filtered to remove virtually all particulate matter and reduces airflow turbulence.  It features a high level of usability, comfort, and visibility. Furthermore, the fume hood is user-friendly & fully configurable.

Desktop design that can be moved. 

Airstream Biological Safety Cabinet Fume Hoods

Airstream biological safety cabinet fume hoods are in stock ready to ship. Features a compact design and low energy operation. The silver ions in the coating can kill bacterium contaminants. It eliminates fumes from front, back, and sides to create a ISO class 3 work zone and to prevent cross contamination. It’s fit with a ULPA air filter optimized to give large performance envelope that provides operator and product protection at wide inflow and downflow variation.

Optional stand and can be movable.

Biological Safety Cabinet Fume Hood

Biological safety cabinet fume hood in stock ready to ship. Fitted with air flow sensors, raised arm rest, drain pan, and more. Per the newly released NSF/ANSI 47:2010 standards, Class II Type A2 BSCs must have the positively pressurized contaminated plenum to be surrounded by a zone of negative pressurization. 

Movable fume hoods because of its optional stand. 

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Swiveling arm extensions to eliminate static electricity and aggressive chemical fumes

Bigger fume hoods from the ground up for tall or larger equipment

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