Exhaust Snorkels

Exhaust Snorkels for eliminating the risk of static electricity and sparks, soldering, aggressive chemicals, and corrosion resistance. Can be mounted to the wall or ceiling.

Exhaust Snorkel
Exhaust Snorkle being used to remove any electronic or static discharge
The ESD/EX Model
Exhaust Snorkel for chemical and corrosion-resistant
The CHEM Model

The ORIGINAL model is a robust and reliable all-around arm for general applications where there is little risk of electrical discharges or attack by aggressive chemicals. The arm is shown fitted with a multi-purpose transparent hood.

The ESD/EX model is designed for use in electronic environments where there is a risk of electrostatic discharges. Following risk assessment, the ESD/EX can also be used for certain applications in explosive environments. The arm is made of conductive materials, eliminating the risk of static electricity, sparks and soldering. The hood is made of anodized metal.

The CHEM model has profiles made of double anodized aluminum. The arm is ideal for fume extraction in aggressive environments where corrosion resistance must be assured. The arm shown here is fitted with a painted, corrosion-resistant metal hood.

Pressure Drop Chart of Each Exhaust Snorkel
Exhaust Snorkel Wall and Ceiling Mounts
Exhaust Snorkel
Exhaust Snorkel Diagram
  • Arms are 2″, 3″, or 4″ in diameter, consisting of thin walled anodized aluminum sections specific to the model
  • Noted models are corrosion resistant
  • Exhaust connection point swivels with 360-degree rotation
  • The adjustment knobs on the articulated friction joints are supported by ball-bearings
  • Mini bell mouthed hood is supplied with the arm
  • All arms are provided with dampers
  • The snorkel is furnished complete with wall/ceiling mount bracket and a trimmable 43” (109.2 cm) extension
Exhaust Snorkels

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